About ALO
ARITAO LAW OFFICES’ preferred area of practice is in providing legal and compliance advice to entrepreneurs and businesses in the SME sector.

The partners’ personal advocacy includes empowering clients to grow sustainable businesses that increase job opportunities in the Philippines.

Three Generations of Legal Practice
ARITAO LAW OFFICES is a professional partnership of a family of lawyers spanning three generations. Atty. Juan S. Aritao (deceased) began his law practice in the Republic of the Philippines in the 1920’s, even before the Commonwealth Period (1935-1945).

In the late 50s to early 60s, the late Atty. Juan S. Aritao was joined in the practice of law by his two sons, Atty. Teodoro V. Aritao (deceased) and Atty. Benjamin V. Aritao (deceased).

Today, the family practice is continued by the sons of Atty. Benjamin V. Aritao: Atty. Lawrence E. Aritao and Benjamin E. Aritao Jr.; as well as Atty. Grace C. Pastorfide, who were admitted to the bar in ’08, ’09 and ‘10.

Diverse Expertise and Experience
ARITAO LAW OFFICES has experience in litigation, corporate compliance, corporate law and family law. The partners have broad and diverse experience with transborder litigation, criminal litigation, public sector transactions, arbitration, labor counseling and litigation, election law and litigation, contract drafting and review, tax and tax litigation, corporate services and secretaryship, and insurance banking, entertainment law and counseling.

The preferred area of practice however is in providing legal advice for the registration and compliance of Small to Medium Enterprises (manpower complement of under 100).

All partners obtained their law degrees from the University of the Philippines. Atty. Lawrence E. Aritao is an Atlantic Fellow for Health Equity in Southeast Asia. Atty. Benjamin Aritao Jr. and Atty. Grace C. Pastorfide obtained their master’s of law in Sustainable International Development Law from the University of Washington.