Consumer Returns and Exchange

When Can a Consumer Return or Exchange a Product?


A customer wants to return a product, am I allowed to refuse?

It depends on the reason.  Your customers are protected by the Consumer Act (R.A. 7394).  If the product has hidden defects, you are not allowed to refuse.

If the customer wants to receive their money back, can I offer them another product instead?

You cannot force them to accept an exchange.  However, the customer is free to accept the exchange.  The customer has the right to choose whether to accept an exchange or accept a refund.

May I give a store credit in exchange?

You cannot force the customer to accept a store credit, and you must be ready to return the payment in the same form it was made (i.e. credit card/debit card/gcash, etc.)

If my customer changes his/her mind and wants to return the item, am I required to allow the return/exchange?

No. You are only required to return or exchange the item if there are hidden defects.

My customer is attempting to return the item after six months. So much time has passed already. Can I refuse?

Generally, there is no fixed time.  It is advisable for you to create your own store policy and inform the customer of a reasonable period for returns and exchange.

What grounds do I have as a defense to refuse a return or exchange?

If the product was mishandled by the customer, or otherwise damaged due to the fault of the customer, you are not required to return or exchange it.

Are there any exceptions to the requirement for return and exchange?

Yes. The Department of Trade and Industry informed the public many times that underwear cannot be returned or exchanged after it is purchased.