Visas for Foreigner SME owners and entrepreneurs

Visa for foreigner SME owner/entrepreneur FAQ (v2022-1)

Q: What is the best visa for a foreigner who want to start an SME in the Philippines?

A: There a number of choices. There are two that are the top of our list: SIRV and SRRV.

Q: What is SIRV?

A: SIRV “Special Investor’s Resident Visa”;

What is SRRV?

A: SRRV is “Special Retiree’s Resident Visa”.

Q: What are the features of the visas. Why are they the top of your list?

A: Both of those visas allow a foreigner to reside in, enter and exit the Philippines indefinitely. The process for obtaining both is relatively easier than other visa options. They also both allow foreigners to business in the Philippines. Note: some industries are restricted to citizens. There are also numerous other benefits including: customs/tax exemptions and simpler process for entry and exit.

Q: How do I choose between the two?

A: The details are quiet complex and it would be good to study all the qualifications and benefits of each.

Q: Where can I find the information for an SIRV?

A: An SIRV is part of the program of the Board of Investments. You may access the FAQ of the BOI through this link or by searching “BOI SIRV” in a search engine.

Q: Where can I find the information for an SRRV?

A: An SRRV is part of the program of the Philippine Retirement Authority. Information on the SRRV is available on the website of the PRA at and through their official facebook page. The PRA responds to questions on the facebook page.

Q: Is the application procedure simple?

A: The procedure for obtaining a SIRV or SRRV are both simpler than the procedure for obtaining other visas such as an employees visa because BOI and PRA assist the applicant in obtaining requirements from other Philippine government agencies.