Discord & Facebook Messenger text/chat-based Consultation policy
Zoom & Microsoft Teams Video call Consultation Policy
We are available for consultation via video chat. Consultation fee via video chat is Php5,000.00 per hour, and is only by appointment.
Send us a message to request for an appointment through our contact page.
We are also available for consultation via text/chat through our ALO Discord and ALO Facebook Messenger.
You are required to disclose your real name for purposes of ruling out any conflict of interest; You may request for chat-based consultation for an initial fee of Php1,500.00 (payor name establishes the lawyer-client consultation relationship); For the initial fee, you may consult on one topic via chat and will receive legal advice on how to solve your issue. Follow up questions are allowed. Note: depending on the difficulty or complexity of your query, an additional fee may be requested to cover the time spent studying the relevant law, rules and/or jurisprudence.
We will only request for an additional fee after providing an initial answer, and only if additional study/research is required to answer the query. Additional fees will be requested for additional topics.
Chat-based queries will be answered as soon as practicable, however, we cannot guarantee; answering outside of office hours, or on a weekend and/or holiday; Send us a message to request for chat-based consultation. Give us an idea of your query, and we will send you a payment link if it is within our competency to answer your question/s.